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With the advent of the new year, with the onset of January, it’s time to think about how we can refresh our vision. And what better way to welcome spring than a different hairstyle? We go hunting for the expected trends in hair – from colors to shortening the length. New season, new hairstyle!

For every season

Most of us always want their hairstyle to be easy to maintain, but at the same time interesting enough and giving the hair the desired volume and density. Over the past year, many ladies have decided to cut their hair largely thanks to the celebrities who inspired them. In 2020, professionals again support the idea of ​​short hair, but this time the length is slightly longer than the modern one in 2019, which reached the chin line. In the new season, the radiance is more gentle, the hair looks like grown and careless, and can reach almost to the shoulders, like Jennifer Lopez’s hairstyle , for example.

However, if you really want to get the hairstyle of the season and reduce the length, then it’s time to pay attention to the so-called pixie, whose fan is Charlize Theron , as well as Katy Perry. To be even more up-to-date, dye your pixie hairstyle blonde or add locks.

A memory from the past

It is important to match the shape of the face with any hairstyle you decide to do. Of course, if you are in the good hands of a true professional, he will make you look perfect and feel that way. But if you are not sure that your hairdresser understands exactly what you want and expect, then there is nothing wrong with looking for another whose idea will match yours, despite the fact that most ladies do not like or are afraid of changing hairdressers. As already mentioned, the checkered hairstyle continues to be among the trends in 2020, as you have the right to choose between the lengths that you like the most. We will also witness the return of the popular in the 70-80s haircut type, steps“, Which thins the middle hair. Many layers, casualness, clutter, but somehow beautiful, definitely perfectly describe this hairstyle that would suit everyone, say experts in the profession.


The bangs are here again. There are several options – long and thick, splitting in the middle, standing like a frame around the face or short and thin. Alexa Chung is among the celebrities who often experiment with bangs. It’s a good idea to try a few times, such as a wig or just an artificial bangs, before cutting your own to find out which one is best for you. Most ladies with a round face like all types.

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Long or not

Layering is not to your taste? No problem. In 2020, long, smooth and thick hair will not disappear despite the invasion of short hairstyles. On the contrary. If your hair is thin, you always have the right to add to it artificial or so-called extensions, which unfortunately in our latitudes have received not so good fame, but in fact would solve many of your problems if selected and arranged correctly.

Good guy

In terms of colors, baleage is still relevant, giving light, especially among brunettes. The effect you get while traveling in the summer and the hair has received natural lightening or locks is always desired. Jessica Biel is an example of a successful application of this technique. By properly selecting certain sections of hair to be lightened, facial features are emphasized and the look refreshed.

We hope that the inspiration has already reached you and you are ready to welcome spring with a new hairstyle and a great mood.

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