Human Food – Is It Good For The Cat?

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Some human foods are good for your cat, but others can be dangerous.

Do you fight the temptation to give your cat leftovers straight from your plate? We understand what it is, you want to reward your cat, but you are not sure if human food is safe for your pet.

When it comes to human food that cats can eat, you have to be careful ! Eating something unusual can be toxic to them.

In this article we will introduce you to human foods that are suitable for your cat, as well as those foods that can cause health problems, even fatal to your furry friend.

So who is it

The human food that cats can and cannot eat

Cats can eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish:

  • Chicken, turkey, beef, steak, liver, hearts and other meat;
  •      Apples, bananas, melons, blueberries;
  •      Sweet potatoes, boiled carrots, asparagus, zucchini;
  •      Eggs, fish fillets, tuna, sardines, salmon;

Although some owners prefer to give raw food to their cat, it is preferable that the dishes with eggs, vegetables, meat and fish have been pre-cooked.

Cats do not need the following human food:

  •      bones;
  •      chocolate;
  •      grapes;
  •      avocado;
  •      dairy products;
  •      onion or garlic

Can cats eat fruit? Yes, but…

Fruits as cat food

Some fruits are perfectly suitable for cats, but be careful. Fruits with seeds (apples, apricots, pears, grapes, cherries) can be extremely dangerous for your cat.
The seeds of these fruits contain a harmful substance: cyanogenic glycoside .

If you are unsure, simply do not feed your cat with it or ask your veterinarian in advance.

To help you, we will show you 2 healthy fruit alternatives that cats can eat. Melon (antioxidants and beta-carotene, which promotes healthy skin and eye health) and blueberries (an excellent source of vitamins A and C).

Can cats eat bananas? YES

How useful are bananas for your cat?

Bananas can be a great human snack for your cat. They are a great source of potassium and soluble fiber. This is a good and healthy snack for fluffy people, as long as you don’t feed it bananas.

If you have a cat that likes bananas, it is no problem to give it small pieces of banana from time to time. But keep in mind that this is completely inappropriate cat food . Your cat would feel much better if her breakfast was meat-based.

Can cats eat apples? Yes, but…

Cats and so useful apples

Yes, cats can eat apples as they are a rich source of fiber and vitamin C. But it is important to peel the skin and seeds. As already mentioned, the seeds are toxic to cats.


As already mentioned, the seeds contain cyanide, which can cause significant health problems for your cat. Now, don’t panic! Apple seeds contain only a small amount of cyanide, but it is still vital not to allow the cat to eat them.

If your hairy still swallows stems, leaves or apple seeds, you should consult your veterinarian immediately.

Can cats eat grapes? NO

Do not let your cat drink wine and other grape derivatives

Cats should avoid eating grapes because of the seeds. Remember, seeds contain a harmful substance to your cat. It’s better not to take the risk and avoid poisoning your cat, right?

Although there is no scientific evidence that grapes are toxic to cats, this fruit is known to cause severe harm to dogs, including acute kidney failure. Since many foods that are harmful to dogs can also harm cats, it is important to keep the grapes away from your kitten. If your cat accidentally eats grapes, watch for signs of gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea or vomiting and be sure to contact your veterinarian.

Grapes are a sweet treat for us humans, but let’s make sure we keep them away from our fluffy friends!

Can cats eat vegetables? Yes, but…

Cats and vegetables

Yes, cats can eat vegetables, but only in small amounts. It is also important that they have undergone heat treatment. We recommend that you avoid raw vegetables that your cat may have difficulty breaking down.

The recommended cooked vegetables for your cat’s consumption are asparagus, zucchini and sweet potatoes. The listed vegetables help maintain a healthy digestive system. Other useful vegetables for your cats are: roasted carrots, stewed broccoli, green beans.

Can cats eat onions or garlic? NO

Onions and garlic are harmful to the cat

Onions and garlic are two human foods that cats should avoid at all costs.
Onions and garlic contain sulfur compounds that are harmful to cats. Your cat may vomit, have anemia and tachycardia. It is best to avoid it.

A good rule of thumb is to never feed your cat foods that contain onions or garlic. Even if it is a small amount, it is better not to put them at risk than to regret it later.

Cats are part of the family, so it’s natural to want to share our food with them. Although your cat may not be interested in many of the things you eat, she may at any time come across something she should not eat.

Any food that is not specifically formulated for cats can affect the digestive system, causing vomiting, diarrhea or loss of appetite.

In this article we introduced you to some of the harmful and not so human food for your four-legged friend and watch for the continuation of “Human Food – Useful or not for the Cat – Part 2

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