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Hairstyle – this is such an important part of our vision. If she is beautiful, our whole radiance changes. Usually in the first few months of the new year we decide it’s time to change our hairstyle. And there is nothing wrong. Regular care and refreshment are key to feeling and looking good. Change, on the other hand, gives a dose of enthusiasm to our daily lives. We look in the mirror and realize that we are different. The weather is imperceptible, but the updated hairstyle will definitely make you notice it faster and clearer. In the following lines, we discuss the short lengths that some women still seem to fear. Do not – the hair will grow back, and until then you will have the opportunity to experiment and rediscover your style, namely through hairstyles designed for short hair. As an added plus.

Classics and Bob

We start with the classics. The so-called Bob hairstyle is always relevant. It is elegant but chic at the same time. It is easy to achieve, and professionals advise you to trim the tips every 6 weeks. The length varies according to your taste. You can bet on straight hair or soft waves. The options are the same as with long hair, but the radiance is different. This type of hairstyle will always contribute to the stylish look. To refresh it further, the baleage will continue to be fashionable next season . A few tones of lighter edges will emphasize and brighten the face. Popular personalities, including Alexa Chung and Kim Kardashian, are often spotted with the Bob hairstyle.

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The main character 

From Bob we go to Lob. The difference between the two hairstyles is in the length – in Lob, the hair reaches the shoulders. This allows you to store it in a tail or bun easier. It is ideal for ladies with curly hair, as well as for those with straight hair. Of course, to add femininity, you can always turn to the well-known curling iron and create delicate curls that fall freely without being too tight. Margo Robbie often appears with just such a hairstyle.


Pixie for the brave

We continue with the hairstyle that is a hit for the spring of 2020 – pixie . We have already told you about her, but it is right to pay attention to her again. It is for brave ladies, especially if you are used to your long mane. The advice of hairdressers is to try on a wig to find out if you are perceived with such short hair. Unlike Bob or Lob, it does not allow you to make a bun or tail, as the length does not allow it. But this does not mean that you will completely forget about curling and the use of products such as gel and varnish. Pixie  hairstyle is one of the always stylish options. It will really make you rediscover and see yourself in a new way. Zoe Kravitz prefers her, as does Emilia Clarke. It is typical of Charlize Theron . And it will most likely go to you too.

Breton for every day

The game of short hair with bangs is interesting, and the winner is you. It’s no secret that short hair has always paired well with bangs. Now, and in the new season, it is no longer necessary for it to be thick and thick, there are even no restrictions on the length. Reaching above the eyebrows , the bangs give a much different look to the hairstyle than without it. As already mentioned, the thick bangs have been replaced by the rather thin ones. You will look as if you just woke up from the sleep of the sleeping beauty. It’s not about tousled hair, but rather about orderly chaos. Conquer it, just as Selena Gomez did.

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