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Is there anyone who, at least once, has not been tempted to spend a whole day at home in pajamas. Okay come on let it be at best with a sweater or your favorite knit cardigan on top, but still in your pajamas. We are sure that it has happened to everyone, at least once, once, albeit far in time! Especially on those leisure weekends when time just runs around at home. But what happens when staying home, for one reason or another, gets a little longer than expected? Well, home clothes become our best friends or our biggest enemies, because we just get bored at some point. Then we start looking for change. Of course, we can wear denim, a voluminous skirt or that delicate silk shirt at any time. but will we really feel comfortable with them at home? Throughout the day? And how about instead of clothes to pay attention to another significant part of our vision, which allows no less options for a variety of solutions, but certainly much more comfortable. Yes, of course we are referring to the hairstyle. Even more, we give you three ideas on how to easily and quickly transform it, whether you have a video meeting with colleagues or plan to spend the day doing your favorite hobbies. You need no more than five minutes, the ideas are from us… whether you have a video meeting with colleagues or you plan to spend the day doing your favorite hobbies. You need no more than five minutes, the ideas are from us… whether you have a video meeting with colleagues or you plan to spend the day doing your favorite hobbies. You need no more than five minutes, the ideas are from us…

Tie your happiness

Are you familiar with the situation “You have 5 minutes!”, Which takes place every time in a different place – after the beach, during the summer vacation, before a walk with friends on Saturday or after an unexpected invitation to a summer party… Usually in the latter and important 5 minutes, the hair decides to show character, opinion and self-initiative, simply refusing to comply with our expectations for her. And what do we do then? We personally reach for the small scarves, which with a few easy movements and a dose of dexterity we turn into an improvised elastic band or a delicate tiara. Why do we tell you exactly this, promising to talk about hairstyles at home, but because scarves in the hair are a great example of how quickly and easily we can not just diversify, but completely change the hairstyle. Colorful accessories, which are very reminiscent of the 60’s are probably one of the easiest ways to brighten up our daily lives, even if we know that we will spend the whole day at home. You can use the scarf in all sorts of ways – a tiara with or without a ribbon, an accent around the slightly sloppy bun, part of the braid, even a turban, the rules are set by you, and the most important goal is your comfort. Try it!

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The secret is in the details

You are not a fan of scarves, especially at home, especially in hair, but well, we have another proposal, which includes the use of far more common accessories. We give the responsible role to all the hairpins and hairpins you can think of…. And no, we do not do it just because they are an absolute hit on social networks, we even offer to abstract from the whole purely fashionable part of “hair jewelry”, focusing entirely on their convenience. Because let’s face it – who hasn’t been tempted to take home a growing bangs with at least one hairpin while at home? And on the question of whether it is too much to drink coffee on the weekend with pearl hairpins in your hair? No, of course, nothing is too much, as long as it makes us happy! Mostly at home…

Intertwined ideas

Definitely when it comes to quick and easy hairstyles we can not forget to mention their nobility braids. They have a good reputation for always being part of an extremely practical, comfortable and easy hairstyle that keeps hair tidy. Even if we have to be honest, they are one of the most common alternatives for a home hairstyle, especially for owners of longer hair. And before you ask yourself “What’s so special about a braid”, we hasten to answer you – everything from starting with the fact that it doesn’t have to be just one and coming to the idea that everything that makes us feel good is special. Classic braid, or two, herringbone, wheat, wreath, something more voluminous or more tidy циите the variations are many, I just need an elastic band and a little dexterity.

Bonus tip: Braids are a great way to achieve light waves in your hair without using any heat treatment! And then how can we not love them…

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