Top 5 dog breeds for joint breeding with children

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If you have already decided to increase your family with a four-legged pet that loves to bark, then this article is for you.

Which breed can be called the best “family dog”?

To determine which dog is best for your family, you need to consider the size of the dog and compare it with the size of your apartment or house, as well as the lifestyle of your family. Whether the dog is purebred or a mix of breeds, it needs to match your energy.

If you take Jack Russell and you are not one of the most active in walking, you will torment both you and the dog. And if you live a lot of people in a cramped apartment, and take the Cane Corso, the same thing will happen. That is why this decision must be taken responsibly and thoughtfully, by no means in a hurry.

The three characteristics that we must compare with the lifestyle of the family when choosing a dog

Temperament is the personality of the dog. It is important because a calmer dog has the ability to form strong bonds and be a great friend to your children.

Size does not determine whether a dog will be good with children or not. Size should be considered in relation to both the temperament and energy of the dog. Some larger dogs tend to be obedient, while some smaller dogs can be evil and vindictive. But if you have a small baby, then the large size of the dog means – more attention when it is around the baby, so as not to push or injure him accidentally with his paw.

The energy of a four-legged animal is a matter of preference. Be realistic about the lifestyle you can provide for the dog. If you can’t meet his needs for walks, outings and other activities, his excess energy can lead to problems with behavior at home, warn veterinarians.

Top 5 dog breeds for joint breeding with children

5. Beagle

The small size of the Beagle and the calm temperament make this breed a great choice for families with small children. They are hunting dogs that are never too tired to play. If your children like to spend time outside, then this breed will suit you exactly, because they are tireless in walking.

Most of all, these dogs love to explore the world outside, but are more tame than the energetic dogs of the Jack Russell breed. Smart, friendly and happy, the Beagle usually gets along with other pets, and will be your children’s first friend. They are short-haired and are perfect for growing in a small space.

4. Border Collie

They are gentle and predictable, easy to train, amenable to commands, which is ideal for families who choose their first pet. Cars get along well with children and love to please their owners and protect their family.

Although this type of breed is popular for its sharp mind and ease of upbringing, they were originally bred only for shepherd dogs, like shepherds, but over the years people have seen the potential for the breed to develop.

Border Collies are long-haired and this requires regular trimming and combing. Sensitive and intelligent breed that goes well with children, as it is both a friend and a guardian. But keep in mind that they are quite stubborn at times, so if you take such a breed, you should take the time to train and learn commands. But they certainly can’t be dangerous for your family, as they have zero aggression.


3. Labrador

This is one of the most popular breeds of dogs for breeding with children. He is a playful, loving, guardian and reliable partner in life. Labradors are very intelligent and can very quickly learn the basic commands and rules of the family they live with. They are cheerful and active dogs that have no malice in them, but in order to maintain their good rhythm of life and to make the dog feel good, you and their family must give themselves to each other.

The reason is that they require attention to play and dedication. And the dog in return gives you his whole being. Such are the Labradors – devoted to the family, they are rarely wayward if you start early with upbringing and build a strong bond with the four-legged.

These friendly dogs get along well with other animals and almost everyone they meet. They are guards, but not at any cost. They are careful with children, but when they are too excited to walk or play, they become very playful, so keep in mind that if you have a small baby, you can hit him lightly with your paw, but in any case, these are isolated cases.

Labradors are mostly short-haired, which shouldn’t make it difficult for you to maintain your coat.

2. Pug

The pug is a small breed of dog devoid of jealousy and malice, as seen in other members of the small four-legged. It absorbs the owner’s behavior – if you like to spend time at home, he will lie down next to you and will not move, but if you are active with your family, he will run after you in the park. The pug is a friendly, playful and faithful companion in life.

They can be stubborn and unwavering, but generally they want to please their master. They love to be petted and are as meek as a kitten. Unlike Chixyaxya, who is ready to show her little teeth at all times, the puppy is so happy that it only starts to fall off. The breed is not jealous, and this makes them perfect companions in life, especially if you have small children.

1. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is the most suitable breed for raising with children. Confident, smart, good and loyal dog. There is no aggression and he is not timid, which makes him the perfect yard guard, as the apartment will be extremely cramped.

The breed is characterized by its iron patience, which makes them perfect for raising with children. Unlike Labradors, who are a little more active and impatient than them. But be prepared for a lot of games and walks, because Golden must be active, otherwise he will be lazy and gain weight.

He is obedient, not temperamental, even children will be able to train and watch him. His coat is long, which requires combing at least twice a week.

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